Esc - To exit (if you rush too much ahead you will fall down and fly to infinity :D so I suggest walk slowly)

Movement arrows + space to jump

Voxel world generator - like a copy of minecraft but poor and badly optimized. 

Week10: 22.10-29.10.2018  

Constraints:  Procedural generated content

Core Theme: Voxel world

Summary: I always wanted to recreate the Minecraft world. You can walk around and new chunks of land should generate - eventually. It is unfinished and I am going to add the block destruction (maybe before game jam ends).

What went bad: I have been following a tutorial on thin thing and it ended up being not very well optimized. 

What went good: I have learned ton of stuff about Perlin Noise and how to use it in procedural content generation. I have also worked very hard when I had the opportunity so its progress from what I was doing during the last coupe of weeks - like missing week 9 game.

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